To the past generation, the Good Morning Towel is a part of daily life in a Chinese household. It represents the bygone era of the Southeast Asia. My memories of the Good Morning Towel is rooted in my childhood from a scene set in my great grandmother’s funeral procession. In the traditional Chinese funeral ritual now, the bereaved family gives the Good Morning Towel for wipe away the tears and sweats and it also implied drive away the bad luck.

I feel that is complicated yet exquisite in the act of holding the towel. It absorbs sweat and tear, the expression to one’s grief. For me, the towel is the metaphor of the grief.

In my Evanescent series, I explore the bereavement and deepest sympathies on the loss of my loved one and question how the loss of their presence is felt. I believe that the thread can hold things together, through needle work; it goes back and forth to embed the emotions into the towel that is visceral with hand-drawn abstract images. I draw in an explorative mode, through a process of mark-making evokes different memories and emotions. The organic abstract images are a metaphor of eternal. Loss and death is inevitable but the emotions can’t be explained, it is lifetime, but evanescent.

Evanescent Series (I-X)
Thread, eastern gouache, mineral pigment ink on the Good Morning towel
34 x 38cm each, 10 pieces