Kalos . Eidos . Skopeô
Kaleidoscopes with Digital Collages
Dimensions variable

I walked into the Pasar Kepong Baru with my camera to approach aunties and uncles. Instead of Ignoring me, they requested to have a photo of themselves. They are such friendly and lovely, showing the best pose in front of the camera, Pasar is a place of great hospitality.

I was born in KL and raised up in Kepong. When I was a kid, I walked around to have a look at the scenery of this Pasar, till I grew up and have become numb. It is a place used to be familiar yet so strange to me now. I get to talk to an uncle and he claimed that he doesn’t know anything about art. “ But, uncle, it doesn’t matter.” I answered. German artist Britta Heidland said: “’Know or do not know’ does not prevent people to be impressed by art.” To me, intuition is the starting point of art, as long as you appreciate and feel the art piece from your own perspective.

*Pasar – wet market in Bahasa Melayu